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Jill Bradley has been a stylist most of her life. Her passion for what she does has roots in her early childhood. She comes from a family of nine children and her brothers and sisters became guinea pigs for playing "dressups". Her mother remembers her co-ordinating her first fashion show before the age of eight, using a large industrial extension cord as her microphone. Early fashions shows consisted of using second-hand clothing and dressups. Bed sheets on the double clothes lines on the back lawn became "professional stage curtains".

Since that time, Jill has professionally co-ordinated over 100 fashion shows both for special events in restaurants and fundraising events in the Durham and York Regions. She now works with top models. She has attended college for for both business and visual merchandising and has received many awards for store window displays.

Jill has owned and operated fashion boutiques in Port Perry for over 25 years. Currently she conducts private consultations by appointment.

"Jillian's" keeps growing and changing. Jill now carries fashions primarily from Europe and Canada. The happiness and satisfaction of her customers feeds Jillian's dedication and passion.

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